Weatherhaven can supply repair parts and complete spare parts packages for all of the portable shelters and systems we provide—from frame components and cover systems to electrical kits, backup generators, and more.

Request Additional Parts

If you need a spare part or component for your Weatherhaven mobile shelter or shelter system, simply fill out and send in the Sales Request form.

Complete Service & Maintenance

Our team will assist you with your mobile shelter project from start to finish, for a truly comprehensive solution. We’re equipped to handle all your service and maintenance needs, including:

Full Shelter Capability We provide more than just mobile shelters. We allow our customers to complete their projects and missions while living and working in our complete shelter systems.

From need assessment and shelter design, to installation and post-project support, our team is equipped to handle all your mobile shelter needs. We also provide plug-and-play shelter systems—such as electrical and mechanical, floors, and washhouses—for a truly turnkey solution. Tell us your needs and we’ll work with you to deliver a redeployable shelter capability that suits your project or mission.

To ensure that we ship your item as quickly as possible, please specify:

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