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Weatherhaven 40th Anniversary Book

Celebrating 40 years of providing bespoke solutions and cutting-edge technology to thousands of satisfied customers across the globe.

Our 40th Anniversary Book

Given Weatherhaven's humble beginnings, it feels remarkable that the company is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2021, having deployed solutions for thousands of customers, to more than 95 countries, on every corner of the Earth.

Over the course of those 40 years, the company has secured 52 global patents, supported peacekeeping, medical relief, resource development, and climate change research around the world, securing customer contracts valued in excess of one billion dollars.

This was only made possible by the ingenuity and creative vision of our founders, Brian "Bugs" Johnson and Jim Allan, augmented by the logistical and commercial savvy of the other three original partners, Glen Thorne, Brian Hanna, and Ray McNeil.

Over the years, the company has matured, gone global, and developed next-generation mobile infrastructure solutions to go along with its next-generation management, ready to take us into the next 40 years. Special thanks to our engineering team, business development staff, finance team, network of project managers and especially our operations teams in Coquitlam, Brockville, Hereford, Dubai, São Paulo, and Lima. Special kudos also to Canvas & Tent and Trimetal, our subsidiaries in South Africa and Surrey, British Columbia.

The purpose of this book is to celebrate the people behind Weatherhaven, those at the origin, those who joined along the way, and especially our current team, who will be taking us into the future. We hope you enjoy the story of the company and the chronicle-through-pictures of the outstanding solutions we've developed for our customers all over the world.

Let's celebrate the past 40 years and get ready for an even more exciting 40 years ahead.

- Ray Castelli, CEO

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