Portable Shelters For Remote Locations & Harsh Climates

Weatherhaven engineers, manufactures, and installs custom portable shelters, camps, and shelter systems for use in remote sites in over 50 countries all around the world—from the Arctic tundra to the rainforest, and almost everywhere in between. Weatherhaven’s shelters are expertly engineered to function within a range of commercial, medical, and military applications including:

Complete, End-To-End Service & Maintenance

Whether you’re the Project Director in charge of setting up a mining camp, or an Admiral in need of military shelters for your FOB or military camp, our team isn’t done servicing you when your shelters are delivered, or even when your project or mission is complete. From concept to deployment, and post-project support, our team provides hands-on assistance in all aspects of remote-site logistics including:

  • Initial Camp & Shelter Design
  • International Transportation & Documentation
  • Site Installation
  • Dismantling
  • Redeployment
  • In-Service Support

For every project or mission, big or small, our team is there every step of the way to deliver customized and complete portable shelter solutions to meet your unique needs. Learn more about Weatherhaven’s value-added services and maintenance solutions.







PDAC 2017

March 5 – March 8

Metro Toronto Convetion Centre
Toronto, ON, Canada

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May 31 – June 01

EY Centre
Ottawa, ON, Canada

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SOFIC 2017

May 15 – May 18

Tampa Convention Center
Tampa, FL, USA

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Mike Ball, Weatherhaven’s Commercial Sales Director, has been named the AME Honourable Service Roll in recognition of his contributions and support of the AME ASSOCIATION

Weatherhaven is ranked among
The Top 50 Defense Companies in Canada 2016

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Weatherhaven ranked 2nd on BC Business Magazine’s
Innovators of the Year for 2013

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