Effortless Install & Dismantle

To keep your project or mission running smoothly, our portable shelters and shelter systems are engineered with quick and straightforward set up and dismantle in mind. Our installation efficiency is made possible through prefabrication and quick-connect methods for electrical, mechanical, and furnishing components. If needed, we can provide supervisors and a workforce to handle the full installation process, or our supervisors can work directly with your personnel.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Weatherhaven’s installation supervisors serve clients quickly and efficiently. Crew members are chosen for skill, character, work ethic, experience, and the ability to go anywhere, anytime—and do whatever it takes to complete the job.
  • Weatherhaven crews are well acquainted with a variety of terrain and environments, from the extreme polar latitudes to the equatorial regions of the planet. Not surprisingly, Weatherhaven crews have their share of world-class mountaineers and expedition leaders.

For every job, we’ll provide your team with easy-to-follow operation and maintenance manuals to help you get working as quickly as possible. For more complex applications, we’ll work with you to manage part of or the entire set up and dismantle process. Installation services can also include demobilization and relocation of camps to the next project site. The choice is yours-it all depends on your operational needs and budget.

We’ll make sure your installation goes smoothly:

  • Our professional installation team is experienced in setting up mobile shelters and shelter systems in remote locations with little or no existing infrastructure.
  • Our team will ensure that your shelters are efficiently installed, structurally sound, and ready for use.
  • We offer custom training programs to help you set up and maintain your portable shelters and shelter systems; training can take place at Weatherhaven facilities, your own site, or in the field.

Comprehensive Service & Maintenance

Our team will assist you with your mobile shelter project from start to finish, for a truly complete solution. We’re equipped to handle all your service and maintenance needs, including:

Complete Shelter Capability

We provide more than just mobile shelters. We enable our customers to complete their projects and missions while living and working in our complete shelter systems. From need assessment and shelter design, to shipping logistics and installation, our team is equipped to handle all your mobile shelter needs. We also provide complete, turnkey shelter systems—such as electrical and mechanical—for a truly comprehensive solution.

Tell us your needs and we’ll work with you to deliver your redeployable shelter capability.