The Tactical, Lightweight, Easy-Deploy Mobile Shelter

The Tactical Redeployable Expanding Container Capability (TRECC)-an extended-height portable shelter that expands in width for ultimate flexibility-is designed for efficient transportation, rapid deployment, and easy set up. The TRECC is manufactured in a range of sizes to suit the exact requirements of your chosen application and transportation platform, whether it’s helicopter, sealift, fixed wing, or vehicle. Standard configurations are based on either a single (TRECC-P) or double (TRECC-H) 463L pallet size.


  • Command Posts
  • Forward Operating Bases
  • Communications
  • Workshops
  • Kitchens
  • Ablutions
  • Medical Facilities
  • Forensic Labs
  • And More

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Built For Efficient Transportation

  • Lightweight
  • Can ship inside a standard 20′ ISO container
  • Easy to transport, with one-third the footprint of the deployed floor space
  • Suits a number of shipping configurations: helicopter, sealift, fixed wing, and vehicle
  • Designed with forklift pockets for ease of loading and unloading
  • Interior furnishings and equipment are packed and shipped inside the center core of the container, for ultimate protection during transport and set up
  • Includes anti-racking container locks
  • Can include wheel sets, which allows the unit to be towed by ATV

Rugged Design

  • Constructed with high-strength, lightweight aluminum
  • Can be supplied with removable, adjustable-height wheel sets
  • Fully insulated and rugged fabric cover system
  • Interchangeable floor panels for different applications: workshops, offices, and more
  • Weather-proof personnel doors on the expandable sides

Easy Set Up + Top-Notch Flexibility

  • Can be set up in a few minutes by one or two people
  • Once positioned, expands to three times the shipping footprint, and extends in height from five to eight feet
  • Can be interconnected with other shelters to create a larger facility

Full Shelter Solutions

We provide more than mobile shelters. We deliver full shelter capability. We source and supply everything you require to complete your project or mission while living and working in our turnkey shelter systems. No matter what your field need is, we can customize a solution to match. From shelter design to transportation, we’ll handle all your mobile shelter requirements. Tell us your needs and we’ll work with you to deliver your redeployable shelter capability.