Mobile Expandable Container Configuration (MECC™)

The Smart, Hybrid Shelter Design

The MECC™ combines Weatherhaven’s fabric shelter technology with the world’s first standard in transportation-the ISO container. The MECC mobile shelter is a fully assembled, self-contained unit, offering three times the floor space of a conventional wood or steel-constructed module with the same shipping footprint.


  • Command & Control Centers
  • Emergency Response
  • Kitchens
  • Medical Facilities
  • Ablutions
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Workshops (such as Tire Changing, Aircraft Maintenance & Electronic Repair)
  • HAZMAT Response

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Built For Efficient Transportation

  • One-third the shipping footprint of the deployed floor space, for transportation efficiencies and savings
  • ISO and CSC certification for air, land, or sea transport and stacking
  • Can be loaded for transport using forklifts, cranes, helicopters, PLS, Bail Bar, CHU, and specialty jack stands
  • Can be transported by truck, trailer, rail, aircraft, or ship
  • A trailer or mobilizer to transport the MECC can be provided
  • The unit can be locked during transit, securing any equipment from theft

Readily Deployed & Redeployed

  • Can be easily redeployed for future missions, built to last 15-20 years in the field, for reduced capital investment
  • Set up by two people in 10-15 minutes, with no special skill or knowledge required
  • Can be expanded without exposing personnel or internal content to outside weather
  • Can be deployed on a truck, trailer, or wheel set for ease of mobility

Rugged, Heavy-Duty Construction

  • Durable construction, and latching and locking mechanisms make the MECC resistant to theft and cargo damage, protecting valuable assets and reducing transport delays
  • Insulated, spacious interior
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Performs in extreme weather conditions
  • Tested to meet Milspec

Top-Notch Flexibility

  • Can be interconnected to form larger and fully enclosed complexes
  • Designed to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) specifications
  • Fully outfitted with electrical, mechanical, HVAC, and furnishings
  • Can be stacked for storage or use if the site is tight on space


Customized To Suit Any Field Need

The MECC is available in a standard length of 20′ and height of 8 feet, with other height and length options available. The 10-foot MECC (nicknamed the “Mini MECC”) is ideal for applications requiring a smaller footprint. This shelter can be custom configured for your specific needs, and is designed for a variety of uses, including a kitchen, command post, ablution, or deployable lab. The 10-foot MECC:

  • Is an ISO-certified container in its packed configuration
  • Can be manufactured with a steel or aluminum core
  • Has almost all the options of a 20-foot MECC
  • Links to all other Weatherhaven expandable containers and softwall MTS shelter
  • Standard Nominal Sizes: 8′ wide x 8′ high x 10′ long, or 8′ wide x 8’6″ high x 10′ long

The MECC also comes in an extended-height version. The 12′-6″ Extended Height Mobile Expandable Container Configuration (EHMECC™) is ideal for applications such as Command and Control Centres and Field Hospital Operating Rooms.

Full Shelter Capability

No matter what the field need is, we can customize a solution to match. We provide everything you need to complete your project or mission while living and working in our complete shelter systems. From shelter design to shipping logistics, we’ll handle all your mobile shelter requirements. Tell us your needs and we’ll work with you to deliver your redeployable shelter capability.