The Ultimate, Redeployable Shelter Capability

The Hardwall Expandable Redeployable Container (HERCon™), designed based on ISO shipping container standards, delivers optimal transport volume and cost-effective global deployments for semi-permanent applications.

The HERCon comes in a 4′ and 8′ wide configuration. Two 4′ wide units can be coupled together for shipping purposes, but are then deployed separately on site. This results in significant transportation savings, as two 4′ wide containers can be shipped for the same price as one standard 8′ wide container. The result is six to eight times more deployable space.


  • Workforce & Emergency Response Housing
  • Ablutions
  • Kitchens & Dining Halls
  • Offices
  • Dormitories & Accommodations
  • Medical Treatment Centers

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Built For Efficient Transportation

  • Two, 4′ wide containers ship together like a single, 8′ wide ISO container
  • The most space-efficient ISO deployable configuration available, the HERCon is one-sixth its deployable size when packed for transport, for significant savings
  • Can be transported anywhere in the world by road, rail, sea, or air
  • Is its own container and does not require any packaging

Readily Deployed & Redeployed

  • Can be easily set up in minutes with a team of six persons
  • Requires no special site preparation or foundations, other than a reasonably level surface
  • Can be packed up rapidly and redeployed to a new location for re-use

Ultimate Flexibility

  • Provides a living and working space up to six times larger than its shipping footprint
  • Can be complexed end-to-end to create a larger facility
  • Can be custom configured for any application

Complete Shelter Solutions

Our capabilities go deeper than just mobile shelters. We provide everything you require to complete your project or mission while living and working in our complete shelter systems. No matter what your field needs are, we can customize a solution to match. From need assessment to repair and overhaul, we’ll handle all your mobile shelter needs.

Tell us your needs and we’ll deliver a redeployable shelter capability to match.