Expandable Container

A New Take On Expandable Containers

With the standards and footprint of an ISO shipping container and 463L pallet, Weatherhaven’s expandable container shelters were built with tactical efficiency and transportability in mind. They can be shipped anywhere in the world by air, rail, road, or sea. And no matter where you’re deployed, our expandable container shelters function in even the harshest conditions and climates.

Weatherhaven’s range of high-performance expandable container shelters deliver the rugged functionality, deployability, and logistical efficiencies that you rely on.


Mobile Expandable Container Configuration™ (MECC™)

The MECC combines Weatherhaven’s fabric shelter technology with the world’s first standard in transportation-the ISO container. The MECC is a fully assembled, self-contained unit, offering three times the floor area of a conventional wood or steel-constructed module, with the same shipping footprint.

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Tactical Redeployable Expandable Container Capability™ (TRECC™)

The TRECC is a lightweight, extended-height expandable container with unmatched capability and the most versatile shipping configuration. The TRECC is manufactured in a range of sizes to suit various transportation platforms—whether it’s helicopter, sealift, fixed wing, or vehicle. The TRECC-P is based on a single 463L pallet size for ease of shipping by air or helicopter. The TRECC-H has been designed based on a two-pallet position size. Regardless of size, the TRECC is designed for efficient transportation, tactical deployments, and easy set up.

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Extended Height Mobile Expandable Container Configuration™ (EHMECC™)

Building upon the success of the MECC , the EHMECC is a fully assembled and self-contained mobile expandable container that offers end users all the benefits of the standard MECC, but with the capability of raising the roof an additional 4.5 feet. The end result is an unrivalled, spacious interior and expanded functionality.

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Hardwall Expandable Redeployable Container™ (HERCon™)

The HERCon is a breakthrough in redeployable shelter technology. This hard-walled expandable container shelter incorporates ISO shipping container design standards to facilitate fast, cost-effective global deployment. The HERCon comes in a 4′ and 8′ wide configuration where two 4′ wide units can be coupled together for shipping purposes, but then are deployed separately on site. This results in significant transportation savings, as two 4′ wide containers are being shipped for the same price as one standard 8’ wide container. This provides you with six to eight times more deployable space.

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Full Shelter Capability

We provide everything you need to complete your project or mission while comfortably living and working in our turnkey shelter systems. No matter what your field need is, we can customize a solution to match. From shelter design to shipping logistics, we’ll handle all your mobile shelter requirements.

Tell us your needs and we’ll work with you to deliver a redeployable shelter capability to match.