Rapidly Deployed Weather Protection Cover

This lightweight, rapidly deployed weather protection cover provides shelter and comfort to technicians while conducting vehicle repairs outside in the inclement weather. The cover has a front opening of 13’ wide and is 11.5’ high and 13’ long.

Two people can quickly and easily setup this cover system in less than 20 minutes. The vinyl cover is attached to an aluminum frame system and the front opening simply goes over the vehicle cab. Other cover materials and colours are available as well.

  • Provides cover for military technicians while doing repairs on casualty vehicles
  • Portable and easy to carry (122 lbs.)
  • Stored in a canvas bag (packaged size is 30″ wide x 40″ long)
  • Collapsible
  • Quick, two-person set up in less than 20 minutes

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The back end and sides of the cover system are fully enclosed, but come with zipper door openings if personnel need to go in and out of the shelter through the back while conducting repairs. The weather protection cover is provided with an anchoring kit so the system can be fastened to the ground with stakes and ropes.

The vinyl cover passes fire rating CPAI-84, meets cold crack requirements of -28°C, and is rot, mildew, UV and water-resistant. The lightweight rapidly deployed weather protection cover can be setup and operated in any terrain or climate. A repair kit can be provided as an option.