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Weatherhaven offers a variety of support equipment to augment our shelter capability. Just as every shelter solution is unique to your application, so is the accessory that supports the shelter system. Our goal is to keep you safe, comfortable, and operational-no matter what your project challenges may be or where you're located. Whether you need Solarshades, Interconnectors, or Corridors, Weatherhaven's accessories allow you and your shelters to perform at their maximum capacity.

Solar Shades

Weatherhaven Solarshades are designed to be used in combination with your mobile shelter for protection in areas of extreme, direct solar radiation.

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Interconnectors and Corridors

Weatherhaven's interconnectors and corridors provide protected links and passageways that shield occupants from the outside elements while they travel between shelters.

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Full Shelter Capability

We provide everything you need to complete your project or mission while comfortably living and working in our turnkey shelter systems. No matter what your field needs are, from shelter design to shipping logistics, and everything in between, we'll handle all your mobile shelter requirements.

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