Australian Defence Command and Control Systems

Weatherhaven has provided redeployable, Command and Control systems based on the MECC expandable container for the Super Hornet fighter program, the Army, and the Army field hospitals over several different procurement programs. The shelter systems have been deployed on training exercises throughout Australia and the hospital system was sent to the Pacific Islands on a humanitarian mission.


Mobile Maintenance Workshops for Boeing CH-47

Qty 24, redeployable Expandable Containers outfitted as maintenance workshops in support of the Canadian Forces Chinook helicopter program. These workshops can be operated worldwide in harsh environments, allowing for sustained remote CH-47 operations, as it mirrors capabilities of the main operating base. The workshops can be modified to suit any vehicle maintenance requirements.


Canadian Forces 2,000-Person Camp in Afghanistan

Weatherhaven supplied the Canadian Forces with a 2,000-soldier turnkey camp as part of their role in the stabilization of Afghanistan. The whole camp was designed to be completely air lifted and to provide comfortable accommodation in the blistering summer heat of +40°C and harsh winter cold that dropped below freezing.


Rapid Deployable Forces Command and Control

Weatherhaven has been a supplier of Expandable Containers for deployed Headquarters for a number of years. The Extended Height MECC revolutionized how Deployed Forces HQ control their forces. The command and control system was deployed extensively in Afghanistan. The customer has now started using the TRECC-H for Command and Control applications as well.


Canadian Forces’ Medium Support Vehicle System (MSVS)

Qty 1,000, vehicle-mounted or ground-based fully integrated shelters were supplied to the Canadian Forces and outfitted as mobile workshops, kitchens, medical offices, and Command & Controls.


South African Maritime Reaction Squadron

Weatherhaven has provided a fully integrated 150-person turnkey camp to support the Maritime Reaction Force composed of Navy Infantry. This camp is designed to support South African Riverine operations, as well as Humanitarian operations and disaster relief in the Southern African region. This camp is a composite of our expandable container technology, along with our camp and soft shelter systems.



Australian Defence Force

Weatherhaven competed against 11 international companies to win Australia’s Joint Army and Air Force Deployable Health Capability. The project consisted of Qty 138, MTS-3 shelters with solar shades, flooring, vestibules, air conditioning units with air exchange and HEPA filters, and a fully Integrated Logistics Systems (ILS) package.


Japanese Ground Self-Defence Force

94 MECC™ Expandable Containers were purchased after the Kobe earthquake for Japan’s emergency response teams. Each shelter was outfitted with a sink, shower and built-in bagging toilet. Once deployed, the shelters were used as either a triage centre or a command post.


Brazilian Army 90-Bed Field Hospitals each

Weatherhaven supplied two complete turnkey field hospitals, including 111 softwall tropical shelters with thermal cap insulation, vinyl floor with hard floor tiles, partitions, electrical, 4-ton air conditioning units, and interconnector kits for medical and accommodation purposes. Qty 40, Expandable Containers were supplied for Pharmacy, Lab, X-Ray, Ablutions, Kitchens, Laundry, and Operating Rooms.


South African National Defence Force 24-Bed Field Hospital

A full-service, installed turnkey MTS and MECC™ field hospital shelter system complete with integrated medical equipment incorporating MECC™ shelters for Surgery, Dental, Resuscittion, Pharmacy, ICU, X-Ray, Lab, Ablution, Kitchen and Laundry applications. Additional Weatherhaven MTS soft shelters were also supplied for wards, dining, reception and triage requirements.


Canadian Department of National Defence 100-Bed Field Hospital

A full-service, turnkey MECC™ expandable ISO container field hospital shelter system, including Minimal Care Wards, Intermediate Care Wards, Critical Care Wards, Operating Room, Central Sterile Suite, Medical Inspection Room, Pharmacy, Laboratory, X-Ray, Triage, Resuscitation, Admission and Discharge, Mental Health, Hospital and Staff Ablutions, and Laundry. Weatherhaven also supplied all systems, including a Utilities Container, air conditioning units, toilet Vacuum Unit, terra tanks, cables, a generator, waste incinerator and mobile sinks. A full Integrated Logistics Systems package, including bilingual Operations and Maintenance Manuals, was developed and provided.


Swiss Army Medical shelters

Qty 221, single-sided MECC™ expandable containers integrated with medical furnishings and equipment. Testing was conducted and validated on-site in conjunction with Swiss Military Test Facility engineers. Development and provision of Operational and Maintenance manuals in accordance to Swiss military standards.



40-person construction camp, dome concordia, antarctica

Weatherhaven supplied dormitories and recreation space for the workers building the joint Italian-French research station at Dome Concordia, where temperatures can go as low as -85°C. Twenty years later, those same shelters are now used as laboratory spaces.


200-Person Construction Camp, Las Bambas, Peru

Located in the Andes, Las Bambas is approximately 4,000m (13,000’) above sea level. Weatherhaven supplied 200+ bed spaces, plus ablutions during the construction phase of this mine.


60-Person Exploration Camp, Quebec, Canada

This all season turnkey camp was designed so that occupants could go from one end to the other via a Weatherhaven-supplied corridor without ever going outside.


200-Person Pipeline Camp, Southern Highland, Papua New Guinea

Weatherhaven supplied dormitories, offices, medical shelters and kitchen diners to a pipeline contractor for work in one of the most logistically challenging locations in the world. Each building was moved at least four times along the pipeline right-of-way.


120-Person Mining Camp, Nunavut, Canada

Located at the northern end of Baffin Island, in the high Canadian Arctic, this 120-person camp includes sleeping quarters, washhouses, offices, a commercial kitchen / diner and a full recreation facility complete with gym equipment. Of particular note is that this complete camp was shipped to site in less than 40 standard 20’ (6m) shipping containers.


Qty Ten, 10-Person Heli-Portable Camps, Guinea, West Africa

Each 10-person camp was designed to be completely redeployable and transportable by helicopter. No single lift exceeded 900 kg. Our scope of supply included everything from lightning protection to kitchen small wares.