Exploration Camps

Portable camps for mining exploration, drilling operations, and seismic surveys.

Exploration CampsWeatherhaven offers portable camps for all types of commercial exploration. Regular customers in this category include mining exploration and drilling companies, seismic crews, and research organizations.

Exploration typically takes place in remote areas with no road access – from lush jungles in the humid tropics to harsh, frozen tundra. Whether your expedition is intended for hot or cold climates, we can design a camp for all destinations, no matter how inaccessible.

Weatherhaven exploration camps can include accommodation, kitchens, dining halls, wash houses, offices, core shacks, recreation facilities, and medical shelters. These applications can be housed in our fabric shelters, expandable containers, or be a combination of both, which is commonly referred to as a hybrid camp.

All products offer:

  • Compact and efficient packaging – our prefabricated shelters are one-third the weight and one-seventh the volume of traditional hard-wall shelters.
  • Shipment in 20’ ISO containers and cargo aircraft of any size.
  • Customized product packaging to meet almost any transportation restriction.

Choose the system that suits your needs:

  • The Weatherhaven Series 4 and Series 8 shelters are ideal for exploration camps. Both models come in either a standard or tropical version. The Series 4 and Series 8 Tropical shelters have the option of being ordered with thermal cap insulation to reduce thermal gain.
  • The Series 4 can be fully insulated for cold climates whereas the Series 8 is intended for regions with no snow or wind loads.
  • The HERCon shelter can be transported by helicopter. It comes in many designs that are suitable for exploration camps.
Cold-Weather Camps

Cold Weather CampsPetroleum and mineral companies often need to set up camps in high altitudes and latitudes. These locations can face biting winds, low temperatures, and heavy snow loads. Weatherhaven offers several solutions:

  • Insulated Series 4 shelters are structurally sound and provide a comfortable living environment in high wind, low temperature, and heavy snow conditions.
  • The Series 4 shelters can be linked to a central corridor so that occupants do not have to go outside to reach other areas of the camp.
  • The MECC™ is ideal for commercial applications, such as kitchens and wash houses, that need to withstand extremely cold weather.
Hot-Weather Camps (Arid & Humid)

Hot-Weather CampsExploration sites in low latitude and low elevation experience different environmental challenges, such as sandstorms or stifling heat and humidity. The fabric technology used on Weatherhaven shelters resists UV rays, thermal gain, and sand particles, allowing occupants to focus on their work in the comfort of clean and cool surroundings. We offer:

  • Various air-conditioning and cooling systems that can be integrated into the Series 4, Series 8, or HERCon.
  • Tropical versions of the Series 4 and Series 8 that come with insect mesh, awnings, and side ventilation openings to circulate air into the buildings and keep them cool.
  • For the Series 4 and Series 8, a thermal cap that covers the top half of the shelter to reduce thermal gain.
  • The HERCon for hybrid camps that consist of staff accommodation, small kitchens and diners, and offices.